Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Liberated Pinoy Features Filipino Porn Star

Are there any Filipino talents in the international porn industry? The answer to the question is a big YES. Just like in Hollywood or the international music scene, there have been a few Filipinos who have successfully infiltrated the porn industry. Well it is not that hard to spot them, but detecting them can sure be tricky. Not because a porn star has brown skin, small in either height or body built, chinky or round eyes, and a strange English accent means that she's already a Filipino. So let us familiarize ourselves and list down those hot porn stars that we get our boner on (if you are a guy) or get wet all over (for females). Join the Liberated Pinoy as we feature the Filipinas in the porn industry.

liberated pinoy feature on filipinas in the porn industry

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tori Black Tries Out Fuck Machines: Porn Star Real Orgasm on a Machine

Sometimes I just get tired of the conventional scripted and dirty talking or screaming towards their partners (not to mention on cue or fake orgasms) of various female porn stars in a featured porn video. Well at times like this I check out porn that feature porn stars versus machines. Well, they are not robots, although it has probably been a theme used in some porn title out there but we don't have that robotic sex machine yet, what we do have are Fuck Machines. Since I am so into Tori Black and I just want to see her orgasm for real, then this free internet porn video of Tori Black in fucking machines definitely does the job.

Liberated Pinoy Reviews Tori Black Fuck Machines

Sunday, September 30, 2012

On Mobile Device Liberated Clans - A Recollection of My Sexting Days

I was a very curious teenager back in the days but financial restriction and a strong sense of responsibility is what kept me from really going out back in the early 2000's. Cellphones were starting to boom and I really was a late bloomer. My first cellphone was a Nokia 5110.. Yeah, that bulky retro cellphone with a green screen and antenna sticking on its top. It was a gift from my parents as I entered college. This was also the first cellphone that introduced me on Sexting.

remembering sexting and the liberated clan scene in the philippines

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Japanese Cutie Fucked on the Massage Table: Online Porn Video Review | POV, Creampie, Massage

Massage scenarios are a popular theme in most porn videos. Whether you completely understand the whole conversation or don't (like what is featured here) the result is usually the same, the girl gets fucked.

Liberated Pinoy Reviews Asian Babe Creampie Fucked And Fingered On Massage Table

Monday, January 30, 2012

Cheating While on the Phone: Online Porn Video Review | Fetish, Cheating, Blackmail

Cheating is one of the biggest taboos and no-nos on any serious relationship. This could very well be the ruin of a relation once any of the parties involved finds out about the infidelity. There can even and already have been instances that such discovery have lead to fatal consequences, but there can be some rare occasions that it turns into something kinky, something liberating.

This is probably why cheating is popular genre in the world of pronography. You have cheating housewifes, girlfriends, and boyfriends. There is this thrill and kinkiness about fucking somebody else besides your partner with the danger of getting caught. There are even some real life instances that a couple engage in such activities, but I don't know people who personally involved in one, but I am curious to know one or two. I stumbled over this cheating and obviously scripted porn clip online. Aptly entitled Amber cheating again on the phone is about a girl being blackmailed by her lover to fuck while being (video) recorded or else her boyfriend will know their illicit affair. Amber's boyfriend eventually calls, and her lover started his kinky fetish which the girl obviously liked as well.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Watching and Downloading Porn Online: Remembering What it was Like Back Then

We can not take it away from a person to get curious about sex. The only difference today that pornography is just a type and click away.